Executive Team

Erica McIlroy

Erica McIlroy


A lifelong learner with a special interest in the healing arts, Erica began her journey toward the study of wellness more than a decade ago. She has passionately researched various aspects of naturopathic alternatives to curate only the best of the best for the clients of Green Heiress. Green Heiress is a result of her vision and mission to help people find their way back to a healthy mind, body and soul.


Marta Fox

Executive Assistant

Marta first became interested in yoga 20 years ago while living in Omaha, NE. The regular practice of yoga helped her both physically and mentally. In fact, she benefited from the practice so much that she decided to go through yoga teacher training in order to be able to share the love with her community. Marta completed East/West yoga teacher training in 2004 under the mentorship of Tippy Denenberg and Theresa Murphy. Marta taught yoga at One Tree Yoga in Omaha for several years before moving with her family to the Fox Chapel Area in 2008. After spending some time raising her two boys and doing community and volunteer work, Marta decided that she really wanted to go back to her yoga teaching roots. Marta is a big believer in the old Buddhist philosophy, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and feels that this chance to teach yoga in this community is also an opportunity to her learn and grow with her students. Namaste!


Astrid Bitzer

Go Green Heiress Corporate Wellness Manager, Events Manager.

Astrid joined the Green Heiress team in May of 2019 after being inspired by the company’s holistic view on wellness. Recognizing it takes both the mind and body to be healthy, she is excited to share and participate in her passion for healthy living. Astrid graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from University in the Netherlands, her home country. A step mom of five and mother of two, she is a firm believer in self-care! When Astrid is not busy planning events for Green Heiress, you can find her on the tennis and paddle courts, or waging the never-ending war against weeds in her vegetable garden!


Jenna Oehrle Rodrigues

Go Green Heiress, Corporate Sales & Markets Manager

Jenna serves on the Go Green Heiress Corporate Wellness Initiative Sales Team. Her foray in to the wholistic, complementary health world began 20 years ago. She used many complementary health modalities, alongside traditional allopathic treatment, in her journey to wellness after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. She became a Reiki Master Practitioner as part of that journey and is currently pursuing training in QiGong.

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